May 23, 2019
News from Tamara Dworetz
Stephen and I got married in Atlanta at Cator Woolford Gardens on Saturday, June 16, 2018. Cator Woolford Gardens is located about 15 minutes from the heart of the city, and is close to Decatur, which is our favorite city. It's is a beautiful  hidden gem that many people in Atlanta don't know about it, so if you ever visit Atlanta, it's worth checking out! 

There were 140 people. The ceremony was both Stephen's and my favorite part. We are both Jewish, so it included several Jewish wedding traditions like Circling, Stomping on the Glass, the 7 Jewish Blessings which we invited our friends to read. We walked down the aisle to Bernstein's One Hand, One Heart, which I had actually decided to use summer 2017.  I decided to keep my last name because it's such a strong part of my identity.

We left the day after the wedding to honeymoon in Italy. It was so romantic! We stayed in Florence for 7 nights, which included 2 day-trips to Tuscany and 1 to Cinque Terra. Florence and Tuscany were my favorite parts of the trip.  Tuscany was absolutely gorgeous and the food was so unbelievably delicious and fresh I could hardly handle it!  Especially the Bruschetta and Bufola Mozzarrella, and the olive oil! And the Chianti wine! In Florence, we visited the two major museums (Academia Galleria and the Uffizi which house many of the world's greatest works of art, to name few: Michelangelo's David statute and Botticeli's The Birth of Venus). Our guides were incredibly knowledgable, and I definitely want to take a class in Renaissance art appreciation now! A friend from UT is Italian, and his brother is an art history major in Florence  so he also gave us some recommendations of museums and piazzas that were off the beaten path. Next, we went south to Sant'Angelo which is a small town neighboring the more touristy Sorrento. This was the super relaxing part of the trip, and we stayed in a hotel on a huge cliff overlooking the bay of Naples. We could see the Island of Capri, the city of Naples and Vesuvius. While in Florence, we ate a lot and walked about 10 mi per day on average, but in Sant'Angelo we just ate a lot, and watched some World Cup games. We also visited San Positano on the nearby Amalfi coast at night which was beautiful. From Sant'Angelo, we took the local train to Naples, then the fast train to Rome, the last leg of the trip, and we were there for 3 nights.

 While Florence has much narrower cobblestone streets, Rome seemed a little more modern with wider streets and more modern buildings. My favorite part was our tour in the Vatican City where we got to see the Sistine Chapel, artwork in the Vatican museum and the colossal St. Peter's Basilica. Again, we had an amazing guide, who helped point out important aspects of the artwork and show the development from Medieval to Renaissance painting and statutes. We also went to see the Colosseum, and I liked visiting the Roman Forum which had an overwhelming amount of history.  Another great memory from Rome was a eatting some homemade focaccia and buffalo mozzarrela from a random restaurant near our hotel, as well as visiting the "Villa Doria Pamphili" a huge park with gardens and pines where locals go to exercise and get away from the city. The honeymoon was definitely during a high tourist season, so this was one of the few times we really got to experience Rome authentically.

Working with you last semester was incredibly fun and meaningful to me. You are so talented and enthusiastic, and I felt I could be myself around you. I so happy to have some lovely memories from this past semester and to have been a part of the AYO community.  I am moving to Boston in

 August, and would love to hear from you some time. Feel free to email or facebook any time!

Tamara S. Dworetz
Teaching Assistant | All-Campus Orchestra
Boston University

A little over a week before the wedding, I was selected to participate in the in Boston Pops' Bernstein-Inspired Conducting competition for which I received 2nd place. You can read about the competition and Bernstein's connection with the Boston Symphony and Pops here!