May 12, 2021
AYO Academy Auditions
2021-2022 AYO Academy Auditions

Prepare the required pieces and scales. When ready, video record the student playing in a quiet environment. It is important that the student, their instrument and their hands are visible in the video. Upload the video file to the orchestra audition Google classroom by 9 pm on the due date. The link to the Google drive folder will be provided after the audition request form has been completed and the audition fee has been paid.

Email with questions.
Request Audition Here 

Click Here for AYOA Audition Material May 2021

Camerata Orchestra, Intermezzo Orchestra, and Concertante Orchestra:

Video recordings are due on May 21, 2021 at 9:00 PM
Upload the video file via a google drive link or a similar sharing platform to the orchestra google classroom

Audition Fee: $15.00
Mail a check in advance to: AYOA, PO Box 5385 Austin TX 78763

Concertante, Intermezzo, and Camerata Orchestras


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