September 24, 2020
AYO Chair Tests
2020-2021 Chair Test Material for String Players
in AYO Symphony, Philharmonic and Sinfonietta

All the excerpts for the chair test audition placements in the AYO symphony and Philharmonic are taken from one of the prescribed TMEA All-State Etudes for 2020-2021.

A video recording of you playing the excerpt listed for your instrument and orchestra is due by 9:00 p.m. on August 17, 2020. The video will be shared to your orchestra Google Classroom.

Chair Test Material for String Players in AYO Symphony.

Libon Etude No. 8
Measure 29 to first note of measure 60, quarter note 60 to 72

Duport Etude No. 13
Measure 19 to 48, half note 72- 82

Kreutzer Etude No. 26, quarter note 65 to 75
Measures 28 to the end.

Rode Etude No. 2 
Measure 30 to the end, dotted quarter note 55 to 65

Chair Test Material for String Players in AYO Philharmonic.

Simandel Etude No. 20
Measure 49 (3/4 measure) to the end of the etude, Dotted Quarter/Quarter note = 75-85

Duport Etude No. 13
Measure 28 (Tenor clef) to measure 48, Half note equals 60-70

Kreutzer Etude No. 26
Measures 9 to downbeat to 24, quarter note 60 to 70

Rode Etude No. 2
Measures 12 to downbeat of 30, dotted quarter note 50 to 60

Chair Test Material for String Players in AYO Sinfonietta

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Submit a video recording of the following excerpts with the metronome on at the indicated tempo. Along with a steady and appropriate tempo, your performance should demonstrate all musical markings including accurate rhythm, bowing, articulation, phrasing and dynamics.

Recordings should be submitted via Google Classroom.

Submit on Google Classroom:
  • Log into your Google account and go to Google Classroom
  • Contact us at if you need the code to join Google Classroom
  • Please note that this must be a personal account and not connected to a school account.


AYO Symphony, Philharmonic and Sinfonietta 

Chair test auditions are a necessary and helpful part of the Austin Youth Orchestra experience:
  • Students will encounter these auditions throughout their musical journey.
  • The chair test are the basis for seating the members of the orchestra in an order that produces the strongest possible ensemble.
  • Chair test chair test will happen at the beginning of each semester. No more than one evaluation per semester.
  • These chair test auditions are not optional.
  • Members of these orchestras will submit their chair test auditions via video recordings according to the instruction on the AYO website.
  • Students who fail to submit a video chair test audition will be placed at the back of the instrumental section.
  • Students who do not fulfill two consecutive chair test audition requirements will be dismissed from the AYO program without refund of the tuition paid.