September 24, 2020
Prelude Orchestra

Membership Requirements

The Austin Youth Orchestra Academy Prelude Orchestra is limited to sixth and seventh grade students with one semester of orchestra class who are interested in supplemental training. The Orchestra will follow an advanced curriculum for rapid advancement, and will meet on Monday evenings at 7:00 p.m. in the spring semester of this school year at Austin High School.

Membership in the Austin Youth Prelude Orchestra is open to sixth and seventh grade students who qualify through the audition process. Students from schools with orchestra programs must be a member in good standing in their school orchestra. Membership in the AYO program is contingent upon return of the membership acceptance form with the school orchestra director's signature verifying that the student is a member in good standing in the school orchestra program and upon payment of the tuition fee. 

Dana Wygmans

Dana Wygmans, originally from Grand Rapids, Michigan, holds a Bachelor's in Music Education from Alma College in Michigan and a Master's in Bass Performance from University of Texas at Austin, where she studied with DaXun Zhang. She has played with a variety of orchestras in both Michigan and Texas, including the Alma Symphony, Grand Valley Symphony, Round Rock Symphony, UT Symphony Orchestra, UT New Music Ensemble, and UT Wind Ensemble. Dana currently performs in a wide array of settings, including classical, jazz, bluegrass, rock, and folk groups. She currently plays with the folk band American Dreamer.

She is the Head Orchestra Director at Murchison Middle School and is also the Bass Teaching Artist for Austin Soundwaves, part of the Hispanic Alliance for the Performing Arts. During her time at UT, she also worked as a teacher with the renowned UT String Project where she studied with Laurie Scott. She has been teaching classical double bass privately for 12 years and her students have ranged from beginners of all ages to advanced college-bound young adults.